BEIJING GREEN GARDEN GROUP CO., LTD. was set up in 2001, which is a group enterprise affiliated to BEIJING CAOQIAO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION. Its businesses section includes design and construction of landscaping, large-scale indoor and outdoor plant rental and placement, mosaiculture, roof greening, floral project, production and sale of flower seedlings, design and operation of exhibition.
     BEIJING GREEN GARDEN GROUP CO., LTD. covers an area of 1.3 hectares, built a 400,000㎡of modern intelligent greenhouse and a 3,000㎡ of flower research laboratory. It has been named "Agricultural Standard Production Base" by Beijing Municipal Agricultural Commission, Agricultural Bureau, Forestry Bureau and Quality Supervision Bureau. In 2002, this company got access to foreign trade rights. It was named “the national top ten planting enterprise” in 2010 and “the national women's title base” in 2011. During 2012-2013, the company was awarded “abide by contract and value credit" enterprise by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It was also awarded “the national demonstration base of flower culture”, “the national verdurization top 100 landscaping enterprise”, “the national top ten greening maintenance enterprise”, “the national top ten scientific and technological innovation enterprise” and “the national top ten design and construction integrated enterprise” during 2014-2016.
    As a first-level qualified enterprise in landscaping construction, this company is strongly developing the business of landscaping projects with abundant technology and excellent technical team. So far, BEIJING GREEN GARDEN GROUP CO., LTD. has built an industrial chain of tourism, research, production, sales and service. It owns Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers, Changyang International Golf Course, Olympic Flower Distribution Centre, Century O’bridge Garden Centre, Yang Town Flower Planting Base, Plant Sculpture Garden, China Floral Arrangement Art Museum, Beijing Huaxiang Flower Market, Yuquanying Flower Exhibition and Sales Hall, Beijing Huaxiang Flower Industrial Park, Huaxiang Flower Research Center and Green Waste Disposal Centre.

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